• Army Chinooks & Jet Fighters over RESIDENTIAL Brooklyn Park, MN (AUGUST 30th, 2012)

    Army planes and helicopters circling over the city of Brooklyn Park. Flew over the college at low height. Conditioning us for Army occupation, August 30th, 2012 @ 6pm

    published: 01 Sep 2012
  • NFL Flag Football League Shula Division Maple Grove/Brooklyn Park New York Jets vs. Bears

    Offensive Highlights of New York Jet's vs. Bears 5/23/16

    published: 23 May 2016
  • RC Airshow at Grassfield RC in Brooklyn Park, MN

    Produced by George Hausler

    published: 22 Jul 2016
  • Brooklyn Park Now! April May 2016

    In this edition of Brooklyn Park Now! Mayor Jeff Lunde makes a pizza at Jet's Pizza in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Find out the secret to their unique crust and why they are one of the best pizza places in our great city!

    published: 19 Apr 2016
  • Brooklyn Park company makes parts for NASA’s Juno mission

    Diversified Plastics in Brooklyn Park is known for making parts that go into water filtration systems, airplanes and medical devices. "So we're helping other people have better lives, and that's exciting for us," said Annette Lund, vice president of Diversified Plastics. But spend just a few minutes inside their office and it doesn't take long to notice that employees have temporarily shifted their attention to space travel. "It's something we can be very, very proud of, that we are helping NASA," Lund said. Five years ago, Diversified Plastics got a call from a client contracted with NASA about an order that was literally out of this world. "When they called us, they said they had tried, I forget how many different companies, 10 other companies, and everyone turned the job down," Lund sai...

    published: 06 Jul 2016