• Army Chinooks & Jet Fighters over RESIDENTIAL Brooklyn Park, MN (AUGUST 30th, 2012)

    Army planes and helicopters circling over the city of Brooklyn Park. Flew over the college at low height. Conditioning us for Army occupation, August 30th, 2012 @ 6pm

    published: 01 Sep 2012
  • NFL Flag Football League Shula Division Maple Grove/Brooklyn Park New York Jets vs. Bears

    Offensive Highlights of New York Jet's vs. Bears 5/23/16

    published: 23 May 2016
  • Brooklyn Park Now! April May 2016

    In this edition of Brooklyn Park Now! Mayor Jeff Lunde makes a pizza at Jet's Pizza in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Find out the secret to their unique crust and why they are one of the best pizza places in our great city!

    published: 19 Apr 2016
  • Jet Set

    "Jet Set " from the musical "Catch me if you can" Choroegraphy: Till Nau

    published: 24 Apr 2014
  • RC Airshow at Grassfield RC in Brooklyn Park, MN

    Produced by George Hausler

    published: 22 Jul 2016
  • Jet Skates Brooklyn

    Jet Skateboarding at Brooklyns McCarren Park . . . Artist Felix Morello 1220 faces *( and counting )

    published: 22 Aug 2010
  • MGT @ Canarsie Park Bash Spot Brooklyn NYC

    First run this year with rebuilt MGT with Mach 2 Big Red. Takin with my phone so quality isn't too good...but you can get an idea of whats there.

    published: 07 Mar 2010
  • RC Aerobatics at Grassfield RC, Brooklyn Park

    Produced By George Hausler

    published: 05 Jul 2016
  • Woman Shot Dead In Brooklyn Park

    CBS2's Magdalena Doris reports.

    published: 07 Jun 2016